Standup Paddle Boards

We have a great selection of standup paddle boards (sups)  from all water and touring to fishing.  Let us help find the best standup paddle board for you! 

Brands we carry:  Boardworks, Pau Hana, Tahoe, Glide, C4 and Lattitude 44.


MUSE 10'6

Muse is the perfect all around Stand Up Paddle board for exploring your local waterway no matter where you live.

10'6 x 32"  - $1099


Joy Ride Flow™ is the perfect board for your SUP yoga practice and all around paddling.

9'11 x 33"  -  $1349


Generously wide providing incredible stability for all paddlers.  These boards are a great all-round choice for flatwater.

  11' x 32"  -  $1349 


A do-it all standup paddle board for the whole family that is versatile, built to take a beating, and last season after season.

10'6 x 33"  -  $899


Beauty and function – that is what the Sirena is all about. Perfect for touring.

10'6 x 33"  -  $1349

Riptide 11'6

A great do-it all stand-up paddle board for the whole family that is versatile & built to take a beating.

11'6 x 34" - $749


Endurance Tour XL 12'

This stand up paddle board is best for touring and fishing. The Endurance XL is the ultimate touring paddle board with a higher volume and payload capacity.

12' x 30", 31.5lbs - $1649

Minisport 10'10"

This stand up paddle board is best for touring and fitness. Stay fit and go fast on the most stable, lightweight, and compact displacement hull board on the market.

10'10 x 29", 22.5lbs - $1299

Malibu 10'6"

From Pau Hana Surf Supply, the 10’6” Malibu Classic Package is a great looking all around board encased in a durable VFT shell that can take a beating from paddles, elbows, or rocks at an affordable price.

10'6 x 34", 31lbs - $899

Malibu tour 10'6"

From Pau Hana Surf Supply, the 11’6” Malibu Tour Package is an excellent first touring board that is encased in a durable VFT shell that can take a beating from paddles, elbows, or rocks.

11'6 x 30", 31lbs - $999

Big EZ 11'

As its name implies, the Big EZ Hawaiian is the easiest paddle board to learn on for a person of any size or skill level. You’ll want to be paddling right out of the box. This is the best family paddle board.

11' x 32", 30lbs - $1299

Oahu 10'

This paddle board was designed to be a fun SUP that is easy to ride and is equally useful in the surf, a marina, river or lake. Great beginner board you can grow with.

10' x 32", 29lbs - $1249



Travel ready touring inflatable board with TRUtrack fin system.  Package includes board, travel back pack, coil leash and high performance pump.

12' x 30" -  $899

BLISS 11'6

The new Bliss™ is the ultimate SUP touring board for women. It is a mantra for adventure seekers and yoga sessions, seasoned paddlers and beginners.

11'6 x 30" 24lbs - $1099 SOLD OUT


The ZEPHYR is the evolution of Performance Touring, bringing together Stability, Durability and Speed to create a harmonious rider experience.

12'6 x 30"  29lbs - $1249 SOLD OUT


This high capacity but portable board is perfect for fishing, all day adventures, fitness, or getting the whole family on the water.  11' x 31.5"  30lbs  - $899


The stylish new look, durability and organic responsiveness of the Rubicon™ under your feet will keep your paddling progressing for years to come.  

12' x 30"  31lbs  - $1099


Glide - Lotus 10'

Stability, ease of paddling, and durability make the Lotus an excellent choice for both yoga and paddling.

​10' x 35" and 27lbs - $1199

Glide - Tackle 12'

Introducing the most stable, sublime and innovative fishing SUP now
on the market, where performance meets function.

12' x 33" and 35lbs - $1349

Glide - Quest 2.0 12'6

The Quest is a fast sleek board, designed for touring. Spend your morning cutting through glass at your local lake or exploring the world beyond the horizon. 

12'6 x 30" and 34lbs - $1299

C4 Munoz

The Munoz is an all-around stand-up paddleboard designed to be fast, and maneuverable. This board accommodates a broad spectrum of riders skill levels.

11' x 29.5", 28.5lbs -  Sale - $1149

C$ - Crossover

All paddlers will love this board for its drag-free glide, versatility, and portability. The Crossover eats up the miles but not your shoulders.  10'10 x 29.5"  -  $1399